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Campbell's Signature Landscapes, Inc. formerly Lost Eden Ponds is dedicated to building highly artistic, naturalistic, sustainable landscapes and water features. We are always in pursuit of the perfect escape for our clients.

As a result Campbell's Signature Landscapes, Inc. has received more awards and recognition for water features design and installation than any other Minnesota Landscape Contractor.

All landscape photos on our website are of projects that we have designed and built. Note that none of the photos come from stock photography. No pictures or information may be reproduced without our express written consent.

Time Lapse Video of Campbell's Signature Landscapes Building a Swimming Pond

30 ft x 40 feet with 8 foot max depth. Chemical free eco system. Bog/basin filtration system utilizing plants, rock, bacteria, fish, aeration and circulation. Best features are ease of care once balanced and NO exposed man made materials.

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Water Features Big or Small, We Design, Build and Repair Them All.
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